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March-April 2014 Issue

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Design Cost Data magazine is the leading industry resource for preliminary cost estimating. Each issue includes square foot building costs from real buildings across the nation, material cost trends, sq. ft. cost guides, and informative industry articles. Architects, general contractors, appraisers, and others use the information provided in DCD for preliminary and conceptual estimating.

In The Trades

Construction Employment Increased In 175 Out Of 339 Metro Areas

Contractors Add 19,000 Jobs In March To Hit Highest Level Since June 2009

New Standard Contract for Public State and Federally-assisted Infrastructure Projects Will Help Public Owners Get Better Project Results

Nonresidential Construction Spending Inches Higher

FMI Releases Q1-2014 Construction Outlook Report

Homeowners Ramp-Up Spending on Kitchen and Bathroom Design

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D4COST Software was developed by Design cost Data and introduced to the construction industry over 16 year ago. Cost modeling with the case studies published by DCD Magazine.

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You can delve deeper into the project and examine the building costs and add, change or delete to make it fit your project. Plus all projects have been featured in DCD magazine. You can include a copy of the project as it appeared in DCD to accompany your report of your new model.

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